One to one yoga sessions
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Yoga Therapy and

Yoga One to One

Individual sessions are the most effective way to learn yoga.

Everyone is unique:  A yoga practice is designed specifically to meet the needs of an individual


Free 1/2 hour consultation to see how yoga can work best for you.



Consultation to set your goals and explain the process.


A practice is created based on our work together, specifically for you


You will have understood how to do the exercises in your practice.


Your practice drawn on paper so you can remember the sequence


You can practice independently with confidence


Step by step, with practice, you will see the results

Finding the perfect yoga practice for you


In a session we will talk through your case and establish your needs and preferences.

Taking into consideration your history and circumstances we set about developing the ideal yoga practice for you.

The beauty of the one to one yoga method is that it enables every individual to be treated in exactly the right way for them.

This is called “Viniyoga” or correct application of yoga, viniyoga is what makes individualised yoga classes so beneficial.




The aim of yoga one to one is to practice the ideal yoga for each individual!


The practice is perfected together, taught and learnt and then can be done safely at home.

You will take away your personalised daily yoga program on paper. It will be clearly illustrated with drawings of the exercises and some simple instructions.


A life enhancing practice in twenty minutes a day


A regular daily practice is the cornerstone of yoga.

A yoga practice every day sustained over time is far more effective than longer yoga practices done now and again. Of course, longer yoga practices can yield more powerful results, done regularly.

A life enhancing practice can take as little as 20 minutes a day.

Your yoga practice will be fitted to suit your current situation.

Over time we can alter the yoga practice and progress step by step towards your goals.

Depending how fast you would like to learn, your budget and availability, the frequency of sessions varies. Some people attend once a week or more while others might attend monthly, or even once every few months.

A daily yoga practice is a wonderful, life affirming and enriching experience!

I find that yoga helps me to handle life’s challenges, I believe I also appreciate and enjoy the opportunities life presents more deeply thanks to regular yoga practice!